Home Of Flame-Resistant Clothing

Carhart outlets are the best source of FR (flame resistant) clothes. As you might already know, Carhartt is one of the leading producers of work clothes for blue-collar workers. And if you are unfamiliar with FR clothes, I will give you a quick explanation below.

Flame Resistant Clothing From Carhart Outlets

Flame-resistant clothing is made for utility workers, electricians, and those people who primarily work with combustible materials like petroleum. This type of clothing can protect them from fire that might be caused by a sudden electrical arc sparks or flash fire. This clothing can save them from any fatal or severe burns.

I Own One Myself

I own one like that since I am an electrician myself. I need the protection I can get since I am working in the engine room. Just one electrical arc or spark, fire would surely spread in my working area. Though, that might be exaggerated since there are sprinklers on top of me. But it is better to be safe than sorry.

Flame Resistant Clothing From Carhart Outlets Will Not Let You Down

People can be assured that flame resistant clothing from Carhartt will not let them down during accidents. That is because the protective chemical layer will never be washed out. So, even you wash it for a hundred times (as long as you follow the washing procedure recommended by the manufacturer), you can rest assured that it can still protect you from fire.

They Are Not Fire Proof – They Are Only Fire Resistant

However, never think that wearing a cloth like that will make you immune to fire. FR clothes from Carhartt will lower the risks of getting your body burned. The cloth will automatically extinguish the fire on it in a couple of seconds as long as the source of the fire has been moved away from the clothing. Again, remember that the FR clothes from Carhatt are not flameproof – they are only fire resistant.

They Are Also Not Resistant To Welding Sparks

Another thing that you should take in mind is that flame resistant clothing cannot withstand sparks. If you are thinking that this type of garment can prevent burns from sparks from welding, well, it does not. However, you can wear it for additional protection from minor burns.

How To Get Yours Fixed

On the other hand, in case that your FR clothing from Carhatt is damaged, it can be repaired. But the only place wherein it can be fixed is in Carhatt factories. Even if the only damaged part is the zipper, I still recommend that you still bring it to the manufacturing plant. If you need more information about this matter, you can call the company’s customer service department at 1-800-358-3825. You can also set a repair appointment with them by talking to one of the company’s representatives.  Well, that is all I can tell you about flame resistant clothing for Carhartt. I know in my heart that the clothes this company produces are the best. So, you should never buy FR clothing from anywhere else. Buy it from Carhart outlets today.


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