Carhartt Outlet Store Locations

Carhartt is a US-based clothing family-owned company. With its headquarters strategically located in Dearborn, Michigan in the US, the company is well known for its high quality work clothes that range from coats to jackets, overalls, vests, coveralls, jeans, shirts and dungarees. The company was originally founded in Killeen, Texas in order to cater for the work clothing needs of railroad workers. They never let these workers down when it comes to production of long-lasting and durable work clothes.

They incorporated the use of heavy duty threads and high technology materials that are designed to be flame, water and abrasion resistant.  The first products of the company, the overalls, were made with denim fabrics and tightly woven cotton fabrics, especially as they were meant for construction workers like the railroad workers. By 1905, the business became incorporated as Hamilton Carhartt Manufacturer, Inc.

Five years later, precisely in 1910, it was known as the Hamilton Carhartt Cotton Mills. By then, the company has already set up numerous mills in various US states. Today, this brand has maintained its position on the top list of the most successful durable apparel manufacturers.

Over time, several stores were put in place in order to cater for the growing needs of those in the construction sites, farmers and ranch owners and workers. Today this outlet is a widely known brand name for durable work wear for men and women in various industries. Ranging from engineers to heavy equipment operators, they all stand to gain a lot from clothes made by this company.

If no other thing, the clothes protect them from the extreme environments they are exposed to on daily basis. This is especially when the uniforms and other outfits issued by the employers are not enough to guarantee safety of the employees.  Even on the streets, several Hip-Hop artists have been able to make statements with their Carhartt’s clothes. One or more companies have even used the brand’s jackets as promotional products. One good thing is that these clothes are available, not just in any carhartt outlet but other outlets that are specialized in the sales of high quality work clothes.

For those in the US, some of the outlets are:  CARHARTT WIP store is a particular store located at 119 Crosby Street, Soho, New York City. It has a full stock of coveralls, jackets, jeans, dungarees and lots more. BrownDuck is a clothing outlet that is located at Rockville, Indiana with address as P.O. Box 166, Rockville, IN 47872. For those in Rockville looking for Carhartt work clothes, they are sure to find them in this outlet.  Worker’s World is another outlet that stocks Carhatt’s work clothes for the American workers. The outlet is located in Butler, Indiana. The Carhartt headquarters is the company’s headquarter and is located in Dearborn, Michigan. There is a full range of the brand’s clothing, footwear and boots for workers from various industries. They also maintain an official website,

Finally on Carhartt outlet store locations, one can be sure of finding the outlet in any of the industrial offices and specialized department stores in the US. The brand also has showrooms where work wears for every hard labour industry are put on display.

For those who wish to shop online, orders and purchases can be made through the company’s official website.


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