Carhartt Outlet: Fire Retardant Clothing

There are certain occupations where exposure to fire is inevitable. These include jobs in certain construction firms and, of course, fire fighters. In order to protect individuals who will probably be exposed to fire, fire retardant clothing has been manufactured. Fire retardant clothing or otherwise known as flame-resistant-clothing.

Fire retardant clothing, are not manufactured in the same way usual clothes are made.  Manufacturing fire retardant clothing uses special processes and materials to become highly durable and fire retardant. There are several brands for these types of clothing but one of the most popular brands is Carhartt. You can find Carhartt outlets in certain locations but you can also purchase the material through online selling sites.

Benefits of Carhartt Fire Retardant Clothing

Prevents Burns

If you are wearing regular clothing and you get exposed to fire, your clothes will surely get burned. After your clothes are burned, your skin will be the next victim of the fire. Burns may vary in degree depending on the depth of damage and the measure of body surface which have been affected. In severe circumstances, a person who experiences burn injuries can die from dehydration and other complications.

With the use of Carhartt fire retardant clothing, your risk of getting burned when exposed to fire will definitely decrease. Fire retardant clothing may catch fire but the flame will be controlled as the chemicals found on the clothing’s material can kill the fire.

Prevents over Heating

When you are exposed to fire, your body will react to the environment and your body temperature will increase rapidly. Sudden increase in body temperature may cause several damages to your body cells and tissues. Carhartt Fire retardant clothing is also effective in preventing your body from overheating in instances of fire exposure.

Prevents Electric Burns

Burns do not only happen with fire. Exposure to electricity and electrical conductors can also cause burns of different degree. Carhartt Fire retardant clothing is effective in protecting individuals from electrical burns. This is the reason why it also became the preferred choice of clothing of many electricians.

Carhartt Fire Retardant Clothing

Carhartt Company has manufactured several clothing items with fire retardant functions. These fire retardant garments will not only protect you from fire but they will also keep you fashionable. These clothes have been designed to fit the current fashion styles. The flame resistant clothing offered by Carhartt Outlet includes the following:

Duck Fabric

The duck is made of INDURA fabric and can be used for outwear purposes. It provides a soft touch since its fabric is tightly woven.


The denim is also made of INDURA fabric. It is softened and dyed so it will look like the usual denim jeans. The twill can be found in three different colors which include medium blue, dark navy and khaki. It is the material used in making shirts.


The chambray is best for warm environments.  You should protect yourself from fire and burns with the use of fire retardant clothing.

Visit the online site of Carhartt to know more about the products they offer and how you can order Carhartt Fire Retardant Clothing.


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